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Breed history :

SUFFOLK breed originated in England, by crossing the Norfolk Horn ewes with Southdown rams. The first records are back from 1797 from A. Young, who recommended that the breed will be known as Suffolk. Breed was recognized in 1810. In 1859 on Agricultural show in Suffolk was first exibit. Suffolk Breeders Association originated in England in 1886. Studbook was found in 1887. In the stud book was written 46 herds. The breed has spread very rapidly and was essentially exported worldwide. The breed currently provides 4 types: English, American, French and New Zealand.


History of breeding :

Breeding was found in 1995 , when it was imported from Holland 15 head of ewes admitted ram line „Jon“ and 1 ram line „Icon“.

Breeding is recognized as a breeding. In 2002, according to new quidelines of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic was renewed the status of breeding animals.

Since 1995 the herd is involved in monitoring performance. Breeding ewes are genotyping, more than 2/3 of ewes aren´t genotype ARR/ARR. Rams all have the genotype ARR/ARR. The classification of ewe lambs put are also genotyping, but the genotype is the main condition for inclusion in ewe lambs put. Ewe lambs for breeding are selected according to several criteria: mother ewe lambs put, its pedigree and birth exterior, results of performance tests, genotype, frequency of birth.

Today the descendants of ewes are after 5 imported ewe. Ath the beginning we have admitted in ewe lambs put at the age 17-18 months, but we had problems with birth. We began to allow ewe lambs put to the age of 7-8 months , when they reach 55 –

60 kg weight and we were very satisfied, both with lambing and births also. Thus embedding ewe lambs put is need to pay more attention and provide a different ration than older ewe lambs put therefore placed in the second sheepskin. In autumn you can´t see the differences between ewes of different age. We practise closed herd turnover. Do we include animals bred ewe lambs put and buy breeding rams. To revitalize blood rams we imprt most of Suffolk.

In 1999 we brought ram lines Hannibal from Denmark, who became the founder of the most successful lines of Suffolk in the country.

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