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Suffolk is the world´s most popular breed which is producing slaughter lambs. It provides a high level of growth, development and good value for slaughter. High performance and quality of production is a guarantee of productivity and profitability of farming.

Characteristic :

English halfsmooth-wool black-headed greasy breed with a short wave. Bred in the 19th century from the original breed of the Norfolk breed rams with south down rams. Breed was recognized in 1810, stud book established in 1887.

It is more physical framework with a deep chest on a medium-long, well mussled limbs. Head, feet, black hoof, white or slightly yellowish wool, semi-closed fleece with a unique black appearance wool-hair, B-C range (25-33 mm). Head black and slightly, especially rams, legs black and covered with a black topcoast. Both sexes hornless.

Maternal characteristic and milkiness of ewes is good. Sheep and rams are characterized by longevity, strong constitution and a good health. Breed is also suitable for harsher weather conditions of foothill areas. For its commercial properties are well suited to use crossing almost with all the breeds. With it´s development and growth are ranged between medium-rippening breeds. Ewe lambs put are able to become pregnant in good rearing in 10-12 months old and weighing 50-55 kg.

Live weight of ewes is 75-85 kg, rams 100-130 kg. Height at withers 70 cm, cross 68 cm, body length 100 cm, chest 130 cm.

Sheeps are suitable for electric fencer way of grazing and other ways of grazing, including the year-round grazing system. The breed is widespread worldwide, there are diferent types with different framework and body coloration (english, American, French, New Zealand, Australian white suffolk.) Rams with English type has the shoulder height 70-80cm, 110 cm American, they are longer and they weight up to 180 kg, ewes around 140 kg. In Czech Republic is normally used for usefull crossing for 30 years.

Performance :

Fertility of ewe lambed 170-180%, live weight of lambs at 100 days of age is 35-38kg, daily gain in rearing and fattening of 330 to 380 grams, the annual sheep shearing ewes 3,5-4,5 kg, rams 4,5-5,5 kg wool length 7-9 cm, 50-55% yield of wool.



Characteristics :

Halfsmooth-long-English-wool breed with a combined wool-meat usefull cultivated in the county of Kent with the contribution of the breed of Leicester. Stud book established in 1897. It is medium to large body frame with a well developed chest and strong skeleton. Head short, broad and hornless. Back broad and flat. Dark muzzle and hooves. Sheep are flexible, easy to acclimatised and well tolerated by the wet weather conditions. They are resistant to infectious hoof rot, lungs worn and digestive tract. White wool, shiny, assortment BC-CD (27-35 um).

Fleece semi-closed. Can successfully be breeded in both lowland and foothill and milder mountain areas. The breed has a very good grazing characteristics. Suits him electric fencer way of grazing and different ways, including the year-round grazing system. It can utilize almost all produced barnyard fodder. Fattening lambs should be close till 35 kg body weight (5 months) with a higher body weight is already excessive storage of subcutaneous and internal fat. Higher incidence of fat necrosis in fattening lambs can eliminate crossing with meat breeds. Maternal characteristics and milk performance are good. Ewe lambs put are able in a good rearing become pregnant early as ten to twelve months of age with a minimum weight of 45 kg. Live weight of ewes is 70-80 kg, rams 100-120 kg. In the Czech Republic is kept from the first half of 90 years of the 20th century. Breed contributed to the emergence of a number of breeds worldwide. New Zealand has the highest representation of the breed in all farmed animals.

Permormance :

Fertility in the ewe lambed 160-170% live weight of lambs at 100 days of age 30-35kg, daily gain in rearing and fattening of 280 to 350 grams, annual sweat chooped strands of wool ewes 4,5-5,5 kg, rams 5,5-7,0 kilograms, the annual wool length of 12-15 cm, 55-60% yield of wool.

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